in 2017, Lane said she took the unique step of

Taking a look inside the region’s unique homes

Driving south out of Lafayette on Napoleon Road in east Allen County, passersby might notice one such example. The 2,400 square foot solid brick Eversole House replica louis vuitton bags from china stands on the west side of the road as a renewed reminder of Lafayette past.

Just a decade ago, the house had been split into a triplex, with a long iron staircase Perfect Quality Louis Vuitton Replica installed to allow outside access to the second floor, and many design features of the and wallpaper and dropped ceilings had masked much of the building replica louis vuitton bags former style.

But when Doug and Valerie Michael purchased the building in 2016, they wanted to bring the bones of the house back into view. The Michaels described the process like a treasure hunt. Old doorways were discovered behind walls, and when Dumpster sized portions of dropped ceiling were pulled out, the place began to look like its old self.

Today, the building is reminiscent of those 19th century roots. Every room features high ceilings, and there a sense of groundedness due to its sturdy nature. aaa replica designer handbags Brick walls and wood floors are featured throughout, and upstairs, a number of the rooms have 19th century dimensions that create a coziness in the residence.

In other words, the Eversole house has a history, literally.

While the house was originally built in 1875 fake louis bag , its story starts a little earlier with Lemuel Eversole. According to documents put together by the Lafayette Jackson Historical Society , Eversole worked as a cabinet maker with his brother in law, Elijah Helser, in Thornville when Eversole got the idea to head out west and hit the high quality designer replica handbags California gold fields.

Helser loaned him $25 to make the journey, and via ship, he made it to San Francisco by May of 1850. Two years later, Everson returned to Thornville with a small fortune, and the two men split it between themselves. Not long after, they purchased some of the largest swaths of land in Jackson Township. The Eversole home was erected two decades later.

The Michaels have a picture of Mr. Eversole in the main room of the house. Faded and fuzzy, the portrait depicts a bearded Civil War corporal in a simple round frame. Another picture above it shows his extended family, including his wife Sarah and their nine children.

Today, the Michaels have brought the old house up to 21st century standards. While the re invigoration of the old brick and wood designs are the replica louis vuitton more noticeable updates, some of the biggest changes were made to the house utilities. Now, there a television in almost every room.

Because the couple know the history of the house, Valerie said she had considered using a metal detector during the renovation process, but the sheer amount Designer Louis Vuitton Replica Handbags of work that went replica louis vuitton handbags into the property meant that the task fell by the wayside. The place practically glows with natural light reflecting off sheer white walls and white oak floors to provide a space perfect high quality replica handbags china for displaying the many art pieces Lane has collected throughout the years.

house is kind of like my diary, Lane said. is tied to a memory or somewhere I traveled. in 2017, Lane said she took the unique step of designing the building herself to include some of the architectural flourishes she has seen on 5th Avenue in Naples, Florida. Consequently, the house feels light and airy despite its location in a colder climate.

Lane also took the additional steps to create artful callbacks built into the house reminiscent of her time spent in the Florida panhandle, such as ceiling directions seen in a favored restaurant in Naples.

The central motif of the home, however, is the front door. The black steel door, an art piece in its own right, features a geometric design with clean straight lines. Similar shapes can be found on cupboards and countertops all designed with a central motif in mind.

took shape from this design that I really love, Lane said.

But while the house itself is unique, the extra oomph is provided by Lane art. Scattered throughout every corner of the 2,800 square foot building, art pieces, sculptures, paintings and photographs of every shape and size make the space unique.

Lane said the reason for her artistic appreciation comes primarily from her family, starting with her grandma, a fashion minded woman who never left the house without gloves.

remember walking around as a little girl with a Louis Vuitton purse. I didn know what it was then, but I know what it is now, Lane said.

That appreciation moved down the line. Both her mother, who was a model, and her father high quality replica handbags china , who was an artist, curated her own taste, and now, appreciation of beauty and color is built into her own home.

A French country house in the city

1421 cheap louis vuitton bags from china Shawnee Road is a hard house to ignore. Located on one of the lanes lining the road just south of the Pony Keg, it joins a number of stately private residences along the drive that drip with curb fake designer bags appeal. It even caught Jon Kriegel attention as a child.

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